Calvary Christian School, Wilmington, NC

Tuition Payments

For many years we have collected tuition in-house.  However, we found that at the end of each year large amounts of tuition were still owed.  Missing tuition payments result in an increase in the overall cost of operating the school.  This is not consistent with our desire to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us.  Therefore, in the fall of 2009 we completed our transition to FACTS Tuition Management Company to assist us in managing our tuition payment program.  FACTS is used by over 4,000 schools nationally and handles approximately $3 billion in tuition every year.  This program enables us to project costs and income figures on a more solid basis so that, in future years, tuition increases can be minimized.
Parents have the option to pay their child(ren)’s tuition only in one of the following two ways:

  1. FACTS 10 Month Payment Plan – Annual tuition is divided into 10 equal monthly payments (August – May).  However, if a student begins school anytime after the first day, the annual tuition will be pro-rated based on the number of days remaining on the school calendar (from the student’s start date – May).  Starting school late may result in higher monthly payments since at this point in the school year not as many payment months remain.  The number of required payments is based upon the number of months remaining in the school year.  In either case, the parent/guardian chooses payments to be automatically withdrawn from their bank account on the 5th or the 20th of each month by FACTS Tuition Management Company.  *FACTS can only be set-up on the parent/guardian or financially responsible grandparent’s checking or savings account.
  2. Annual Payment Plan – Save 3% off your total tuition by paying your annual payment in full by August 10th (or date of the last week day prior to the 10th if it falls on a weekend).  An annual tuition payment made after this date will be at the regular tuition rate.

If you decide not to pay your child(ren)’s tuition annually upfront, you must authorize automatic withdrawals to be made monthly through FACTS.  It is important to note that FACTS and Calvary Christian School will never have any direct access to your account.  The automatic payment process is strictly controlled by banking regulations to be absolutely confidential and limited to what has been authorized.  Please note that there is also a one-time annual $45 FACTS enrollment fee that will also be withdrawn from your account approximately 14 days after the school has finalized your FACTS enrollment.  Also, please note that your child(ren)’s name will not be added to the class roster until you have completed your online registration with FACTS, so we strongly recommend that you register online with FACTS during your enrollment appointment with Tracy (the Administrative Assistant in charge of enrollment).

Discounts Available:   

  1. Active members of Calvary Baptist Church receive a 10% discount on all children.
  2. Families with multiple full-time children enrolled receive a discount off their total tuition:

*Two children enrolled = 14% discount
*Three children enrolled = 26% discount
*Four children enrolled = 35% discount 

For more information or if you have questions, please see the Enrollment Information page.